Vancouver Misfit

Are you a high school player looking to compete at the BC or Canadian Ultimate Championships? Then Misfit Ultimate is for you! 

We focus on providing a positive environment that emphasizes respect, fair-play, teamwork, hard work, and commitment. Win or lose, by the end of the summer players will have a sense of accomplishment, significantly increased knowledge and skills, a new set of friends, and many fun memories.


Misfit Ultimate strives to provide opportunities for youth to build their passion and skills in the sport of ultimate and to foster the values of the program and ultimate as a whole to develop mature and responsible members of society.


People (growth and development of coaches and players; fostering passions; creating environments for individual and team success)

Community (instead of creating teams, we create families; teamwork; camaraderie)

Respect (being respectful to opponents, coaches, players, community members, parents, partners, etc)

Spirit of the Game


Opportunity for youth to play and grow-increase interest and fun with ultimate

Venue for alumni to give back

Inspire more youth to play ultimate

Promote/develop SOTG

Over the past 8 years Misfit has flourished in its role of providing an alternate club experience to the BC Provincial team.  

We pride ourselves in providing a positive environment through which the qualities of respect, hard work, and dedication are fostered.  Win or lose, the end of this summer should bring with it a sense of accomplishment, pride, and a whole new family for every player.