Bella Wang (left): Bella was first introduced to frisbee 3 years ago, when she started her first club season with Uprise, and ended her last junior season with a dirty gold at CUC with Vortex Ultimate, but without an ACL. In the past year recovering from the surgery, she's had the pleasure of coaching with PG and Elevate Ultimate - she loves watching the athletes push their limits and break their boundaries. She's most likely to be that coach who gets distracted by doggos while coaching.

Angel Lee (middle)

Zun Zhang (right): Upon returning to Vancouver last fall, Zun spent months training for Vancouver Riptide tryouts, only to learn the team had disbanded for Portland. With his dreams of professional Frisbee fame dashed, Zun was ready to quit Ultimate forever. However, one fateful night before going to sleep, Zun was visited by the Ghost of Spirit of the Game, encouraging him to coach the Misfit program. “Esketit!” And so as one door closed, another had opened. Zun was armed with a renewed purpose- to coach the RT girls to their first Nationals title! Zun has played on several teams including PW, T-Club, Misfit, and UC Berkeley. His goal in life is to one day open his own cat café.


Alex Jew (left): Alex started playing ultimate in 2008 and first caught the coaching bug last year. He first played club with Mischief in 2010 and has since played on and off for many years with UBC and Blackfish. As a coach, he aims to provide players with a more diverse ultimate ‘toolkit’ while emphasizing injury prevention and a process-first mentality. Outside of ultimate, Alex is an avid spikeball player, baseball fan, and fantasy football champion.

Kevin Chan (middle)

Samson Hoy (right)