Emily Lim (left): Emily Lim started playing ultimate in grade 10 at Lord Byng and was a member of the first Misfit women’s team in 2012. Emily has been to Canadian nationals four times and has been to the finals three times. Following her junior career Emily has been coaching in the regional stream of the Misfit program as well as the Point Grey Senior A team. She strives to help players develop their fundamental skills to become well rounded frisbee players. In the summer, besides coaching, Emily enjoys eating ice cream cakes with Denise and baking bread. This summer Emily’s personal goals include recovering from a concussion and cooking dinner for Paige.

Paige Muir (middle): Paige has been playing ultimate since Grade 8 when her math teacher (shout out Jaimie Kot) got her into the sport. Paige played throughout high school and continues her ultimate career at UBC playing with some of the most inspirational athletes out there. She decided to get into coaching this year to help the next generation of ultimate players develop their skills and become almost as good as her. When she’s not playing ultimate, you can catch Paige eating, sleeping and running away from her responsibilities. Her main goals for the season are to help the players achieve their individual goals as well as to have Emily Lim make her an amazing home cooked meal.

Denise Su (right): This is Denise! Denise has been playing ultimate since 2014. She has played on Misfit, UBC Thunderbirds, SHHippos and U24 Team Canada Women’s, and coached Uprise these past two years. Denise’s favourite throw is anything that will break the mark, but she really likes her backhand throws. (Why throw a flick when you can throw an IO backhand? Jk…) In her free time, she likes to play games, either video or board games, drink bubble tea, play with animals (mainly dogs), and sleep. Denise also loves going to AYCE sushi for team bonding because she gets to help finish the food through an exhilarating game of Never Have I Ever where she gets targeted.




Lyndsey Bryden (Point Grey)
Michelle Chan (Prince of Wales)
Fiona Chang (Prince of Wales)
Grace Du (Lord Byng)
Jess Eaton (Lord Byng)
Gabriella Ghieuw (Eric Hamber)
Dionne Hsu (Sir Winston Churchill)
Lauryn Ishiguro (York House)
Hannah Jeong (Point Grey)
Allison Jung (York House)
Maya Kasubuchi (David Thompson)
Calista Konishi (Point Grey)
Olivia Lang (York House)
Alexia Lee (Eric Hamber)
Nolin Lee-Pii (Stratford Hall)
Evin Li (Point Grey)
Tania Li (Sir Winston Churchill)
Adrianna Liang (Sir Winston Churchill)
Jenalyn Ng (Point Grey)
Chanice Noquiera (John Oliver)
Estella Pires (Stratford Hall)
Annika Rivada (Eric Hamber)
Ashley Tong (Gladstone)
Cailey Wong (Stratford Hall)
Jacqui Wong (Point Grey)
Katie Wong (Eric Hamber)
Jung-Min Yu (Eric Hamber)
Miucci Yung (David Thompson)


Branden Ma (left): Branden Ma is coaching Uprise Open this year. He has 3 years of coaching experience and played 2 years of club with Misfit. His friends call him big brain but he thinks it’s only regular sized. In his free time he enjoys looking at corgis, and failing his diet. He aspires to look like the Kenneth Paras one day. Ig:

Steven Nguyen (middle): Steven is coaching Uprise Open this summer. He has played 4 years of frisbee (Mayhem 2014, Misfit 2015/2016, UBC 2018). Steven has coached John Oliver's Senior A team for 2 years. Through his unique approach, Steven looks forward to continuing to leave a positive impact on youth ultimate in BC.

Eric Tran (right): Eric is coaching Uprise Open this summer. He has played 3 years of frisbee (Rolling Thunder 2016, Mischief 2017). Eric has coached John Oliver's Senior A team for 2 years. Through his unique approach, Eric looks forward to continuing to leave a positive impact on youth ultimate in BC.




Aldrin Avila (Vancouver Technical)
Paul Baltazar (John Oliver)
Owen Busser (Lord Byng)
Martin Chan (Eric Hamber)
Zaiyou Chen (Sir Winston Churchill)
Paul Cho (Vancouver Technical)
Samir Dattani (St. George’s)
Joshua Dee (Eric Hamber)
Aden Gill (St. George’s)
Henry Lee (Eric Hamber)
Nicholas Lee (Vancouver Technical)
Stephen Lin (Prince of Wales)
Jason Liu (Eric Hamber)
Jack McColl (Point Grey)
Ian McLaren (Vancouver Technical)
Sheldon Medina Acosta (John Oliver)
Darin Mellor-Laing (John Oliver)
Max Merry (Point Grey)
Lester Ng (John Oliver)
Henry Nguyen (Windermere)
Alex Ta (Britannia)
Brian Tang (Sir Winston Churchill)
Ivan Tong (Point Grey)
Baron Tran (Gladstone)
Wesley Wong (Eric Hamber)
Henry Wu (Gladstone)
Kelvin Yang (Britannia)
Joseph Yeung (Gladstone)




Jm Cabotaje (left): Jm is coaching Havoc Women’s this year. He has been coaching for the past two years at John Oliver Secondary. Before coaching, he played three years of ultimate starting from the B team in High school to Tsunami (Regionals 3) in 2014 then Misfit in 2015 and 2016. Jm is also looking to pursue in nursing in the future. He encourages youth to aspire for greatness and help fulfill their highest potential in the sport of ultimate.

Juvy Magano (middle): Juvy is coaching Havoc Women’s team this year. It is her first time coaching with the misfit program but has been coaching for the past two years at Eric Hamber secondary. Juvy started to become involved with ultimate in grade 10 and played on to become a part of Misfit Womens in 2016 to win in finals at CUC. Juvy’s other interest include basketball, health & fitness, and sleeping. She is also currently pursuing to become a clinical dietitian. But for now, she’s glad to be coaching youth ultimate and aims to inspire them along their ultimate journey.

Michelle Cheung (right): This is Ernie's (aka Michelle) second year of coaching with the Misfit program. She is a Misfit alumni herself (2015/16) and played at Lord Byng for 3 years. Her hobbies include eating bread, staining all her clothes even if its not with food, and scrolling through the dogspotting page.




Calista Abuan (Prince of Wales)
Cassandra Chan (Burnaby North)
Haley Corcoran (Burnaby North)
Rita Do (John Oliver)
Katrina Escobal (John Oliver)
Pia Flores (Point Grey)
Carmen Jiang (Magee)
Sylvia Kong (Vancouver Technical)
Hannah Kroeplin (R.A. McMath)
Raina Kwok (R.A. McMath)
Rachael Lam (Vancouver Technical)
Anika Lee (Eric Hamber)
Sophia Lei (Vancouver Technical)
Amelia Lim (York House)
Samantha Lin (Prince of Wales)
Jay Liu (Eric Hamber)
Fasica Mehatebe (John Oliver)
Lillian Ng (John Oliver)
Faith Pang (Eric Hamber)
Alexa Placencia (John Oliver)
Emily Qi (Sir Winston Churchill)
Misa Ruschienski (Moscrop)
Kristen Tien (R.A. McMath)
Alyssa Wong (York House)
Alicia Zhang (Eric Hamber)



Larry Govinthasamy (left): Larry has played ultimate for 8 years and spends his summer afternoons attempting to walk on water. He enjoys playing VUL with his friends and has enjoyed coaching many schools within the last few years. Larry is excited to be a part of the Misfit program this year and hopes to teach great skills to the young players on his team, Havoc! He also believes that being a part of the Misfit program means that players play with the highest level of intensity while still having fun and supporting the spirit of the game. Larry also works with youth at many recreation centres in Vancouver, so if you happen to stop by and see him working make sure to say hi!

Brian Mihai (middle): Brian, a.k.a. “Mahoy” or “Twigs” has been playing ultimate for 3 years. To him, coaching Havoc Open is like going “back to ma roots”, as he competed within the Misfit Ultimate Program in between school seasons with Killarney Secondary. He went from Thunder Club, to Havoc, and then to Misfit - in that order. Brian is currently studying biology in university. Fun facts: (1) He is a black belt in Taekwon-do and did it for 8 years. (2) He was a theater kid in high school, acting for 4 years and directing for 2. He is also able to play "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star" on the piano and violin. (3) Joey from friends is his spirit animal. (4) AND he puts MILK before cereal.

Ryan Lin (right): This man shouldn’t even be called an ultimate player. He’s a basketball player who started playing ultimate just because he needed a spring sport to play. Anyone who has ever played with him will know that he can’t even throw a flick. But they’ll all agree that Ryan will give 150% of his energy toward whatever is asked of him. You’ll see him yelling, hustling, and running his butt off on the sideline coaching, or on the field smacking down that throw you just tossed. You can’t miss him because he’s always the loudest person on the entire field and he’s wearing a giant straw hat. When he isn’t coaching ultimate, you can catch him crushing feeders on Fortnite.




Joshua Acob (John Oliver)
Avery Au (Stratford Hall)
Matthias Bernhard (Gladstone)
Jaden Chan (Burnaby North)
Tyler Dhaliwal (Point Grey)
Justin Eng (Vancouver Technical)
Caeden Harmer (Prince of Wales)
Ryan Kao (Burnaby North)
Preston La (Gladstone)
Arkhan Lewis (Prince of Wales)
Ray Li (David Thompson)
Simon Li (University Hill)
Jason Liang (John Oliver)
Justin Lui (Point Grey)
Matthew Magano (Killarney)
Melvin Mallari (Vancouver Technical)
Reilen Millar (Point Grey)
Adam Mong (Point Grey)
Russell Moy (Killarney)
Kyle Ng (Eric Hamber)
Liam Pon (Eric Hamber)
Freddie Rosario (John Oliver)
Brian Tang (Gladstone)
Alexander Truong (Templeton)
Joseph Wong (Prince of Wales)
AJ Yen (David Thompson)
Eric Zhang (St. George’s)
Allan Zhou (St. George’s)



Michael Mehram Headshot.jpg

Walter Chung (left): Walter has played ultimate competitively for 4 years and is currently attempting to bend air. Before ultimate, Walter had devoted his life to basketball for 12 years. Unfortunately he was faced with the devastating truth that he would be unable to compete with the professionals due to his smaller than average stature. Looking to find peace within himself, Walter discovered ultimate and immediately fell in love with the sport. He likes to think of ultimate like basketball but with a flat ball instead of a round one. Walter strives to dribble the flat ball apparatus around his opponents thus breaking all ankles. Walter would also like to conclude his bio with a short poem.
“Misfit Polo,
Too Big for Waldo.”

Victor Cheung (middle): Victor has played ultimate competitively for 8 years. He was first introduced to the sport in grade 8 and quickly fell in love. Victor has also played on Mischief with the Misfit program and Refinery. His greatest ultimate memory starts with his full field flick huck that sparked a 5 point come back to win in universe. Now retired from ultimate competitively, he keeps involved with the sport and its community by coaching high school teams and occasionally playing VUL. This will be his first year coaching a club team, Rampage, where he hopes to further his coaching skills and spread his passion for ultimate. Outside of ultimate, Victor enjoys his other passion of eating and trying different foods and travelling around the world.

Michael Mehram (right): Michael has been playing Ultimate for 5 years starting back in grade 10 at Eric Hamber. Michael has been coaching for 2 years now and is one of the coaches for Eric Hamber junior A who won tier 1 provincials. One of Michaels coaching philosophies would be dominate humbly.




Matthew Choi (Burnaby Mountain)
William Chow (Moscrop)
Stanley Chung (Templeton)
Tim Develos (Gladstone)
Noah Erickson (Eric Hamber)
Liam Friesen (Eric Hamber)
Harvey Fu (John Oliver)
Marcus Hager (Sir Winston Churchill)
Nico Horng (Stratford Hall)
Ethan Ip (Vancouver Technical)
Alexander Keng (Eric Hamber)
Chanyi Kim (University Hill)
Cameron Lee (Steveston-London)
Stephen Leung (Templeton)
Jason Lo (Gladstone)
Vincent Lo (David Thompson)
Ethan Low (Killarney)
Greg Ng (Point Grey)
Lucas Quan (Burnaby North)
Jevon Roy (Burnaby North)
Adam Ryan-Thomson (Sir Charles Tupper)
Nicholas Shum (Eric Hamber)
Alexander Subarsky (Eric Hamber)
Mathew Tse (Gladstone)
Jacob Wong (Eric Hamber)
Jason Yuan (Lord Byng)