Walter Chung (left): Walter has played ultimate competitively for 4 years and is currently attempting to bend air. Before ultimate, Walter had devoted his life to basketball for 12 years. Unfortunately he was faced with the devastating truth that he would be unable to compete with the professionals due to his smaller than average stature. Looking to find peace within himself, Walter discovered ultimate and immediately fell in love with the sport. He likes to think of ultimate like basketball but with a flat ball instead of a round one. Walter strives to dribble the flat ball apparatus around his opponents thus breaking all ankles. Walter would also like to conclude his bio with a short poem.
“Misfit Polo,
Too Big for Waldo.”

Victor Cheung (middle): Victor has played ultimate competitively for 8 years. He was first introduced to the sport in grade 8 and quickly fell in love. Victor has also played on Mischief with the Misfit program and Refinery. His greatest ultimate memory starts with his full field flick huck that sparked a 5 point come back to win in universe. Now retired from ultimate competitively, he keeps involved with the sport and its community by coaching high school teams and occasionally playing VUL. This will be his first year coaching a club team, Rampage, where he hopes to further his coaching skills and spread his passion for ultimate. Outside of ultimate, Victor enjoys his other passion of eating and trying different foods and travelling around the world.

Michael Mehram (right): Michael has been playing Ultimate for 5 years starting back in grade 10 at Eric Hamber. Michael has been coaching for 2 years now and is one of the coaches for Eric Hamber junior A who won tier 1 provincials. One of Michaels coaching philosophies would be dominate humbly.