Misfit Ultimate is proud to announce their first set of rosters for the year! Thank you to all those who came out - it certainly made the coaches' decisions very difficult. Good luck to those who are still in the midst of the tryout process. 

Catie Akune (Lord Byng)
Sandra Balitaan (Richmond)
Emma Best (Lord Byng)
Oliana Chan (Stratford Hall)
Ada Chang (R.C. Palmer)
Katherine Cheung (Lord Byng)
Oriana Dalla-Vecchia (Burnaby Central)
Breanna Dar (Stratford Hall)
Olivia Fast (Point Grey)
Anne Garcia (Eric Hamber)
Cassidy Gee (David Thompson)
Stephenie Ho (Hugh McRoberts)
Kayla Jiang (Magee)
Julie Lee (Sir Winston Churchill)
Kyra Lee (York House)
Joey Liu (Eric Hamber)
Zoe Luke (Eric Hamber)
Vicky Ma (Prince of Wales)
Andrea Moir (Point Grey)
Hazel Pangilinan (Gladstone)
Stephanie Siu (Sir Winston Churchill)
Nanaki Thind (Stratford Hall)
Madoka Wowk (Stratford Hall)
Phillis Yang (R.A. McMath)
Sarah Zhang (Lord Byng)

Devon Bringeland-Powell (Stratford Hall)
John Carpenter (Point Grey)
Thomas Carpenter (Point Grey)
Justin Chan (Prince of Wales)
Frank Chen (Magee)
Nicholas Cheng (Sir Winston Churchill)
Lucas Hoy (Eric Hamber)
Karim Jamal (St. George's)
Hunter Juhasz (Lord Byng)
Filip Kragl (Stratford Hall)
Nathan Kwon (Magee)
Cameron Lloyd (Sir Winston Churchill)
Preston Lo (Magee)
Daren Mallare (John Oliver)
Darwin Mallare (John Oliver)
Justin Shou (Eric Hamber)
Victor Tiet (David Thompson )
Justin Tung (Sir Winston Churchill)
Brian Wu (Magee)
Errol Xu (Magee)
David Yeung (Point Grey)
Ji Yoo (Eric Hamber)
Danny Zhu (Magee)