Official Coaches for the 2018 Season


We'd like to thank every applicant for their interest in becoming a part of Misfit's youth ultimate program this year. We're proud to announce our coaching staff for the 2018 Season.

Eclipse Women's:
Michael Fung
Victoria Lam
Zach Gray

Eclipse Open:
Edward Guo
Jon Hayduk
Alex Lam

Mischief Women's:
Eugene Wong
Veronica Ng
Michael Yi

Mischief Open:
David Stelck
Kyle Chan

Rolling Thunder Women's:
Bella Wang
Zun Zhang

Rolling Thunder Open:
Alex Jew
Kevin Chan
Samson Hoy

Touring 4 (to be named) Open: 
Kevin Yeh
Tyus Chow
Richie Chan

Uprise Women's :
Emily Lim
Paige Muir
Denise Su

Uprise Open:
Branden Ma
Steven Nguyen
Eric Tran

Havoc Women's:
JM Cabotaje
Juvy Magano
Michelle Cheung

Havoc Open:
Larry Govinthasamy
Brian Mihai
Ryan Lin

Cody Hubbard
Lianne Campbell
Brian Miura