Congratulations to the following players who have made our regional team Uprise this summer!

Lyndsey Bryden (Point Grey)
Michelle Chan (Prince of Wales)
Fiona Chang (Prince of Wales)
Grace Du (Lord Byng)
Jess Eaton (Lord Byng)
Gabriella Ghieuw (Eric Hamber)
Dionne Hsu (Sir Winston Churchill)
Lauryn Ishiguro (York House)
Hannah Jeong (Point Grey)
Allison Jung (York House)
Maya Kasubuchi (David Thompson)
Calista Konishi (Point Grey)
Olivia Lang (York House)
Alexia Lee (Eric Hamber)
Nolin Lee-Pii (Stratford Hall)
Evin Li (Point Grey)
Tania Li (Sir Winston Churchill)
Adrianna Liang (Sir Winston Churchill)
Jenalyn Ng (Point Grey)
Chanice Noquiera (John Oliver)
Estella Pires (Stratford Hall)
Annika Rivada (Eric Hamber)
Ashley Tong (Gladstone)
Cailey Wong (Stratford Hall)
Jacqui Wong (Point Grey)
Katie Wong (Eric Hamber)
Jung-Min Yu (Eric Hamber)
Miucci Yung (David Thompson)

Aldrin Avila (Vancouver Technical)
Paul Baltazar (John Oliver)
Owen Busser (Lord Byng)
Martin Chan (Eric Hamber)
Zaiyou Chen (Sir Winston Churchill)
Paul Cho (Vancouver Technical)
Samir Dattani (St. George’s)
Joshua Dee (Eric Hamber)
Aden Gill (St. George’s)
Henry Lee (Eric Hamber)
Nicholas Lee (Vancouver Technical)
Stephen Lin (Prince of Wales)
Jason Liu (Eric Hamber)
Jack McColl (Point Grey)
Ian McLaren (Vancouver Technical)
Sheldon Medina Acosta (John Oliver)
Darin Mellor-Laing (John Oliver)
Max Merry (Point Grey)
Lester Ng (John Oliver)
Henry Nguyen (Windermere)
Alex Ta (Britannia)
Brian Tang (Sir Winston Churchill)
Ivan Tong (Point Grey)
Baron Tran (Gladstone)
Wesley Wong (Eric Hamber)
Henry Wu (Gladstone)
Kelvin Yang (Britannia)
Joseph Yeung (Gladstone)