A great layout by Filip Kragl of Eclipse (Open). Photo courtesy of  Nathan Kolakovic . 

A great layout by Filip Kragl of Eclipse (Open). Photo courtesy of Nathan Kolakovic

Misfit Ultimate's annual Misfit Cup wrapped up after a gloomy weekend at the Burnaby Lake Sports Complex, but the competition was anything but dreary.

On June 23 and 24, teams from all corners of the Lower Mainland competed against each other in an early season tournament that showcased the U19 teams who would be competing in July for a spot in August at the Canadian Ultimate Championships in Brampton, Ontario. The youth ultimate programs Bonfire (North Vancouver), Savage (Richmond), Vortex (Surrey/Delta), and our very own Misfit (Vancouver) all came together for the tournament, bringing altogether a total of 30 teams that competed in Open and Women's divisions.  

Havoc (Women's) celebrates with the Misfit Cup. Photo courtesy of  Jon Hayduk Photography . 

Havoc (Women's) celebrates with the Misfit Cup. Photo courtesy of Jon Hayduk Photography

What makes the Misfit Cup so special every year is that the teams who play with the most Spirit of the Game, as voted upon by their opponents, are the ones who receive the honour of having their names engraved upon the cup. This year, we were proud to award the cup to two of our own teams, Havoc (Women's) and Vanguard (Open).

Vanguard (Open) poses with the Misfit Cup. Photo courtesy of  Jon Hayduk Photography . 

Vanguard (Open) poses with the Misfit Cup. Photo courtesy of Jon Hayduk Photography

Eclipse (Women's) defeated Vortex and Vortex (Open) edged out Eclipse to come atop their respective divisions. 

Eclipse (Women's), shot by  Nathan Kolakovic . 

Eclipse (Women's), shot by Nathan Kolakovic

Vortex (Open), shot by  Nathan Kolakovic . 

Vortex (Open), shot by Nathan Kolakovic

A big thank you to our tournament director, program coordinators, volunteers, and all the coaches and athletes for making Misfit Cup 2018 such a success. We can't wait to see you all next year!


Congratulations to the following players who have made our regional Rampage roster!

Matthew Choi (Burnaby Mountain)
William Chow (Moscrop)
Stanley Chung (Templeton)
Tim Develos (Gladstone)
Noah Erickson (Eric Hamber)
Liam Friesen (Eric Hamber)
Harvey Fu (John Oliver)
Marcus Hager (Sir Winston Churchill)
Nico Horng (Stratford Hall)
Ethan Ip (Vancouver Technical)
Alexander Keng (Eric Hamber)
Chanyi Kim (University Hill)
Cameron Lee (Steveston-London)
Stephen Leung (Templeton)
Jason Lo (Gladstone)
Vincent Lo (David Thompson)
Ethan Low (Killarney)
Greg Ng (Point Grey)
Lucas Quan (Burnaby North)
Jevon Roy (Burnaby North)
Adam Ryan-Thomson (Sir Charles Tupper)
Nicholas Shum (Eric Hamber)
Alexander Subarsky (Eric Hamber)
Mathew Tse (Gladstone)
Jacob Wong (Eric Hamber)
Jason Yuan (Lord Byng)


The following players have made Misfit Ultimate's regional Havoc rosters. Congratulations!

Calista Abuan (Prince of Wales)
Cassandra Chan (Burnaby North)
Haley Corcoran (Burnaby North)
Rita Do (John Oliver)
Katrina Escobal (John Oliver)
Pia Flores (Point Grey)
Carmen Jiang (Magee)
Sylvia Kong (Vancouver Technical)
Hannah Kroeplin (R.A. McMath)
Raina Kwok (R.A. McMath)
Rachael Lam (Vancouver Technical)
Anika Lee (Eric Hamber)
Sophia Lei (Vancouver Technical)
Amelia Lim (York House)
Samantha Lin (Prince of Wales)
Jay Liu (Eric Hamber)
Fasica Mehatebe (John Oliver)
Lillian Ng (John Oliver)
Faith Pang (Eric Hamber)
Alexa Placencia (John Oliver)
Emily Qi (Sir Winston Churchill)
Misa Ruschienski (Moscrop)
Kristen Tien (R.A. McMath)
Alyssa Wong (York House)
Alicia Zhang (Eric Hamber)

Joshua Acob (John Oliver)
Avery Au (Stratford Hall)
Matthias Bernhard (Gladstone)
Jaden Chan (Burnaby North)
Tyler Dhaliwal (Point Grey)
Justin Eng (Vancouver Technical)
Caeden Harmer (Prince of Wales)
Ryan Kao (Burnaby North)
Preston La (Gladstone)
Arkhan Lewis (Prince of Wales)
Ray Li (David Thompson)
Simon Li (University Hill)
Jason Liang (John Oliver)
Justin Lui (Point Grey)
Matthew Magano (Killarney)
Melvin Mallari (Vancouver Technical)
Reilen Millar (Point Grey)
Adam Mong (Point Grey)
Russell Moy (Killarney)
Kyle Ng (Eric Hamber)
Liam Pon (Eric Hamber)
Freddie Rosario (John Oliver)
Brian Tang (Gladstone)
Alexander Truong (Templeton)
Joseph Wong (Prince of Wales)
AJ Yen (David Thompson)
Eric Zhang (St. George’s)
Allan Zhou (St. George’s)


Congratulations to the following players who have made our regional team Uprise this summer!

Lyndsey Bryden (Point Grey)
Michelle Chan (Prince of Wales)
Fiona Chang (Prince of Wales)
Grace Du (Lord Byng)
Jess Eaton (Lord Byng)
Gabriella Ghieuw (Eric Hamber)
Dionne Hsu (Sir Winston Churchill)
Lauryn Ishiguro (York House)
Hannah Jeong (Point Grey)
Allison Jung (York House)
Maya Kasubuchi (David Thompson)
Calista Konishi (Point Grey)
Olivia Lang (York House)
Alexia Lee (Eric Hamber)
Nolin Lee-Pii (Stratford Hall)
Evin Li (Point Grey)
Tania Li (Sir Winston Churchill)
Adrianna Liang (Sir Winston Churchill)
Jenalyn Ng (Point Grey)
Chanice Noquiera (John Oliver)
Estella Pires (Stratford Hall)
Annika Rivada (Eric Hamber)
Ashley Tong (Gladstone)
Cailey Wong (Stratford Hall)
Jacqui Wong (Point Grey)
Katie Wong (Eric Hamber)
Jung-Min Yu (Eric Hamber)
Miucci Yung (David Thompson)

Aldrin Avila (Vancouver Technical)
Paul Baltazar (John Oliver)
Owen Busser (Lord Byng)
Martin Chan (Eric Hamber)
Zaiyou Chen (Sir Winston Churchill)
Paul Cho (Vancouver Technical)
Samir Dattani (St. George’s)
Joshua Dee (Eric Hamber)
Aden Gill (St. George’s)
Henry Lee (Eric Hamber)
Nicholas Lee (Vancouver Technical)
Stephen Lin (Prince of Wales)
Jason Liu (Eric Hamber)
Jack McColl (Point Grey)
Ian McLaren (Vancouver Technical)
Sheldon Medina Acosta (John Oliver)
Darin Mellor-Laing (John Oliver)
Max Merry (Point Grey)
Lester Ng (John Oliver)
Henry Nguyen (Windermere)
Alex Ta (Britannia)
Brian Tang (Sir Winston Churchill)
Ivan Tong (Point Grey)
Baron Tran (Gladstone)
Wesley Wong (Eric Hamber)
Henry Wu (Gladstone)
Kelvin Yang (Britannia)
Joseph Yeung (Gladstone)


The following players have been selected to play on Misfit Ultimate's touring 4 open team (name TBA). Congratulations!

Ishaan Aggarwal (Queen Elizabeth)
Felix Brunner (Eric Hamber)
Evan Chen (Burnaby North)
Nicholas Chiu (Steveston London)
Ayden Chow (St. John’s)
Matthew Conder (Burnaby North)
Jeremy Dauz (Hugh McRoberts)
Ken Gerald Guday (Gladstone)
Mika Han (Moscrop)
Eric Jun (Windermere)
Hans Lam (Hugh McRoberts)
Louis Le (John Oliver)
Simon Lee (Killarney)
Carlos Li (Lord Byng)
Michael Ma (Gladstone)
Angel Russel Narra (John Oliver)
Thomas Oyhenart (Stratford Hall)
Sam Pan (St. John’s)
Ryan Phan (John Oliver)
Jordan Pratap (Windermere)
Reneandro Rosario (John Oliver)
Matt Ruddock (Guildford Park)
Jordan Suh (Burnaby North)
Ricky Tran (Britannia)


The following players have been selected to play on Misfit Ultimate's Rolling Thunder teams this summer. Congratulations!

Cheryl Andre (Vancouver Technical)
Cherry Chan (Steveston London)
Natalie Cheng (Hugh McRoberts)
Amrit Chohan (John Oliver)
Jessica Dahan (John Oliver)
Jaime Dornik (Stratford Hall)
Sofia Faugno (Stratford Hall)
Lauren Jones (Stratford Hall)
Audrey Kamachi (Stratford Hall)
Maya Khayrallah (R.A. McMath)
Sakura Kubota (Vancouver Technical)
Rose Leishman (Stratford Hall)
Kelly Luk (J.N. Burnett)
Tiffany Luke (York House)
Michelle Ma (McMath)
Ashanti Mackenzie (Stratford Hall)
Shirley Phan (John Oliver)
Lauren Pureza Dagenais (Sir Winston Churchill)
Emily Que (Sir Winston Churchill)
Nykesha Quinones (Eric Hamber)
Jamina Sawal (John Oliver)
Katrina Tun (Eric Hamber)
Rachel Woo (Stratford Hall)

Ajay Bacani (John Oliver)
Colin Carino (Eric Hamber)
Vincent Chieu (David Thompson)
Marek Chu (Prince of Wales)
Ryan Graves (Point Grey)
Yoshi Inomata (Burnaby North)
Brandon Krezeski (Point Grey)
Kobe Kubota (Vancouver Technical)
Ritchie Le (Eric Hamber)
Matthew Liang (Prince of Wales)
Ernest Liu (Magee)
Vinto Liu (Gladstone)
Ahmed Ma (Prince of Wales)
Ethan Ma (Vancouver Technical)
Ryan Pei (Magee)
Fritz Rehmus (Point Grey)
George Ren (Burnaby South)
RJ Sevilla (John Oliver)
Wells Suen (Sir Winston Churchill)
Ryan Vijayaretnam (Eric Hamber)
Leo Wang (Steveston London)
Brenden Wu (Moscrop)
Lyon Yuan (Magee)


Congratulations to the following players who have made Mischief 2018! 

Chantel Aguilar (Eric Hamber)
Amy Guo (Hugh McRoberts)
Kirstin Ho (Point Grey)
Julia Jamorabon (John Oliver)
Rachel Labrador (John Oliver)
Katie Lam (Sir Winston Churchill)
Cathy Le (John Oliver)
Abby Madden-Krasnick (Prince of Wales)
Chloe Merritt (Sir Winston Churchill)
Mona Ou (Eric Hamber)
Hannah Samuel (York House)
Cindy Santiago (Sir Winston Churchill)
Monet Shimura (Point Grey)
Miu Shiraiwa (Eric Hamber)
Britney So (A.R. MacNeill)
Rachel Sun (Hugh McRoberts)
Rachel Wang (Hugh McRoberts)
Anna Wei (Richmond)
Annie Wu (McMath)
Bernice Xiao (Richmond)
Michelle Yang (Killarney)
Emma Young (Point Grey)
Joanne Yuan (Hugh McRoberts)
Joy Zhou (Eric Hamber)

Patrick Angkiriwang (Prince of Wales)
Sami Ben Amara (Point Grey)
Wesley Choi (Sir Winston Churchill)
Austin Chuk (Lord Byng)
Dylan Cochrane (Lord Byng)
Neo Debroux (Eric Hamber)
Henry Gee (Killarney)
Tyler Gunasekera (Stratford Hall)
Christoph Hager (Sir Winston Churchill)
Tristan Johnson (St. Georges)
Justin Kuan (UBC)
Samuel Lam (David Thompson)
Josh Loo (Prince of Wales)
Justin Luna (Point Grey)
Ryan Mah (David Thompson)
Alan Ng (Gladstone)
Mack Pearmain (Sutherland)
Richmond Rosario (John Oliver)
Edric Sudihok (Prince of Wales)
William Tang (David Thompson)
Alex Wahl (Argyle)
William Wang (Richmond)
Austin Yen (David Thompson)
Jason Yuen (Point Grey)

Official Coaches for the 2018 Season


We'd like to thank every applicant for their interest in becoming a part of Misfit's youth ultimate program this year. We're proud to announce our coaching staff for the 2018 Season.

Eclipse Women's:
Michael Fung
Victoria Lam
Zach Gray

Eclipse Open:
Edward Guo
Jon Hayduk
Alex Lam

Mischief Women's:
Eugene Wong
Veronica Ng
Michael Yi

Mischief Open:
David Stelck
Kyle Chan

Rolling Thunder Women's:
Bella Wang
Zun Zhang

Rolling Thunder Open:
Alex Jew
Kevin Chan
Samson Hoy

Touring 4 (to be named) Open: 
Kevin Yeh
Tyus Chow
Richie Chan

Uprise Women's :
Emily Lim
Paige Muir
Denise Su

Uprise Open:
Branden Ma
Steven Nguyen
Eric Tran

Havoc Women's:
JM Cabotaje
Juvy Magano
Michelle Cheung

Havoc Open:
Larry Govinthasamy
Brian Mihai
Ryan Lin

Cody Hubbard
Lianne Campbell
Brian Miura