In 2007 a 5 players from Vancouver wanted to play frisbee in the summer, unfortunately they had no where to play so they decided to recruit teammates, find a coach and get on the field! Led by Ted Chu, Mimi Pan, Justin Ho, Jesse Mckay, Mia Anthony, and Maria Chau the very first Misfit team qualified for Canadian Nationals but unfortunately weren't able to make the trip. In 2008 Misfit attended and placed 7th at Canadian Nationals.

In 2014 Misfit joined the VUL to help better support our players and help provide for youth in Vancouver.

Since then the program has grown to 11 teams, 30+ coaches and over 300 players! We now regularly send 6 teams to Canadian Nationals, and the Misfit Womens 2016 team are the current champions coming first. We still strive to keep the original goal of providing a place for youth to play in the summer!