HAVOC 2018


Jm Cabotaje (left): Jm is coaching Havoc Women’s this year. He has been coaching for the past two years at John Oliver Secondary. Before coaching, he played three years of ultimate starting from the B team in High school to Tsunami (Regionals 3) in 2014 then Misfit in 2015 and 2016. Jm is also looking to pursue in nursing in the future. He encourages youth to aspire for greatness and help fulfill their highest potential in the sport of ultimate.

Juvy Magano (middle): Juvy is coaching Havoc Women’s team this year. It is her first time coaching with the misfit program but has been coaching for the past two years at Eric Hamber secondary. Juvy started to become involved with ultimate in grade 10 and played on to become a part of Misfit Womens in 2016 to win in finals at CUC. Juvy’s other interest include basketball, health & fitness, and sleeping. She is also currently pursuing to become a clinical dietitian. But for now, she’s glad to be coaching youth ultimate and aims to inspire them along their ultimate journey.

Michelle Cheung (right): This is Ernie's (aka Michelle) second year of coaching with the Misfit program. She is a Misfit alumni herself (2015/16) and played at Lord Byng for 3 years. Her hobbies include eating bread, staining all her clothes even if its not with food, and scrolling through the dogspotting page.


Larry Govinthasamy (left): Larry has played ultimate for 8 years and spends his summer afternoons attempting to walk on water. He enjoys playing VUL with his friends and has enjoyed coaching many schools within the last few years. Larry is excited to be a part of the Misfit program this year and hopes to teach great skills to the young players on his team, Havoc! He also believes that being a part of the Misfit program means that players play with the highest level of intensity while still having fun and supporting the spirit of the game. Larry also works with youth at many recreation centres in Vancouver, so if you happen to stop by and see him working make sure to say hi!

Brian Mihai (middle): Brian, a.k.a. “Mahoy” or “Twigs” has been playing ultimate for 3 years. To him, coaching Havoc Open is like going “back to ma roots”, as he competed within the Misfit Ultimate Program in between school seasons with Killarney Secondary. He went from Thunder Club, to Havoc, and then to Misfit - in that order. Brian is currently studying biology in university. Fun facts: (1) He is a black belt in Taekwon-do and did it for 8 years. (2) He was a theater kid in high school, acting for 4 years and directing for 2. He is also able to play "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star" on the piano and violin. (3) Joey from friends is his spirit animal. (4) AND he puts MILK before cereal.

Ryan Lin (right): This man shouldn’t even be called an ultimate player. He’s a basketball player who started playing ultimate just because he needed a spring sport to play. Anyone who has ever played with him will know that he can’t even throw a flick. But they’ll all agree that Ryan will give 150% of his energy toward whatever is asked of him. You’ll see him yelling, hustling, and running his butt off on the sideline coaching, or on the field smacking down that throw you just tossed. You can’t miss him because he’s always the loudest person on the entire field and he’s wearing a giant straw hat. When he isn’t coaching ultimate, you can catch him crushing feeders on Fortnite.