misfit coordinators

Laurel Jay (left): As a junior, Laurel played on Misfit the first time they qualified for CUCs in 2008, and then again in 2009 and 2010. She continued playing ultimate with the UBC Thunderbirds, the Canadian u23 team in 2013 and 2015, the Canadian beach team in 2017 and currently plays on Traffic, Vancouver’s top women’s club team. She attributes a lot of her success and love for ultimate to her 3 years playing on Misfit: getting cut from the BC team 3 years in a row taught her to keep working hard and always dream big.

Maria Chau (right): Maria has been playing frisbee for a long time - debatably the age of a lot of the players in the program currently! She was a part of Misfit when it first started but didn't end up going to Nationals. It's been crazy for her to see how much the program has grown and also contributed to the community. Frisbee has led her to a lot of awesome things - like the people and the community, career, etc. Remember: no disc no life!

Alex Lam (left): Alex first started playing on a VUL team in 2008, and has since played on club teams including Mio Grape and Banana Cutters. From playing VUL, to coaching, and now coordinating, Alex is excited to continue to develop and witness the growth of the Vancouver youth scene. As the worst player in his family, which includes Josh and Victoria Lam, Alex knows how to be the 8th man on the sideline. If you've been coached by Alex you're sure to have witnessed his awkward dance moves, laughed at his horrible Birkenstock tan-lines, and seen his dog Blitz. However, hopefully you've also witnessed the team focus, support and positive energy that Alex believes in fostering in all his teams.

Alex Jew (middle): Alex started playing ultimate in 2008 and first caught the coaching bug a few years ago. He first played club with Mischief in 2010 and has since played on and off for many years with the UBC Thunderbirds and Blackfish. As a coach, he aims to provide players with a more diverse ultimate ‘toolkit’ while emphasizing injury prevention and a process-first mentality. Outside of ultimate, Alex is an avid spikeball player, baseball fan, and fantasy football champion.

Edward Guo (right): Edward Guo started playing ultimate during his ninth grade at Hugh McRoberts Secondary. Since then he has been hooked and has gone on to play another 10 years (and counting) for various local and international teams. Edward’s coaching resume includes coaching a variety of different teams and different skill levels, including Mayhem, Rolling Thunder, Alpha and Sir Winston Churchill Secondary’s teams. He loves coaching because he loves to see the growth in junior ultimate in Vancouver and hopes that they continue playing when they graduate. In his spare time, he enjoys playing golf and watching the NFL.